Global Trade Consult is a Ghanaian-based private consultancy firm supporting local and foreign organizations with business interests in Ghana. We help companies understand, access, and manage business opportunities by helping foreign companies’ trade and invest in Ghana.

We are experts with real experience in developing successful export strategies through the help of our dedicated and hands-on staff. Our extensive market reports and networks give our clients access to up-to-the-minute government and private sector data and valuable business contacts. We work in partnership with various Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, Business Clubs, and other key stakeholders across Ghana that are devoted to helping foreign companies trade and invest in Ghana.

We can help you establish lucrative trade relations with Ghana by offering:

  • Commercial specialists in key markets in West Africa who are ready to share their knowledge and experience.
  • The strategic advantages of a team of trade advisers who are experts in the region.
  • Unbiased, bespoke trade advice that’s delivered through our Tailored Market Introduction Service (TMIS) and applicable to a wide range of sectors.

We treat every business uniquely and can help you trade with Ghana by offering the support of:

  • Commercial specialists in key markets in West Africa
  • Expert teams of trade advisors based throughout West Africa. Our expertise can really make a difference to your business at very competitive price.
  • Unbiased trade advice tailored to your company’s needs delivered through our Tailored Market Introduction Service (TMIS) covering a wide range of sectors.

If you are a foreign company in any part of the world looking to trade or invest in Ghana we will almost certainly be able to help you sell your product or services in Ghana. We are able to help you research Ghana and gain the necessary information on how to register your business, access tender opportunities that you can turn into real business.

Our staff will be pleased to deal with enquiries about any accept of business related sectors in Ghana. They can also provide a Market Menu which is a brief overview of the type of advice and practical support available from the team and can also provide an introductory pack that is updated quarterly.